Thursday, August 10, 2017

Sheepdogs of the Republic

Throughout the course of history, man suffered under someone else’s dominion. Your worldview presents a perspective on whether or not America benefits from our founding father’s vision, hope, and clarity as concerns our constitution and its applicability today. Yet the problem remains. Others want to force you into subjugation. Who is protecting you?
Take, for example, the First Amendment right to free speech. Up to the date of its establishment, every citizen of other countries rarely spoke up against their government because the quick response left them dead or imprisoned. The First Amendment also guarantees your right to freedom of religion; another instance of protecting the individual’s right to worship God other than the way the government sees fit, without fear of death or imprisonment as both the English and Spanish Inquisitions attested.
In the news across our land, revolutionaries walk the streets decrying the rights of others to speak. Most notably among them are the Antifa, with the Black Lives Matter and the New Black Panthers right behind them. Opposing organizations take the stand no one should be able to say such things, especially in public, and certainly not when carrying sticks and clubs to drive off any who would prevent their free speech right.
What is not often realized, nor reported by main stream media outlets, is there’s an organization working to protect constitutional rights. They do it from the very foundation of the constitution and the Second Amendment. They are known as the constitutional militia. Here in New York State, the New York Light Foot Militia (NYLFM), and other constitution loving groups like them, perform the function of standing between these opposing groups to ensure neither party comes to injury because of the other. This activity by the NYLFM is a neutral stance. It requires the members to lay down their personal opinions and to leave them home. It takes discipline and training to do this.
In the last eight months the NYLFM participated in standing in the gap in Syracuse, NY, Boston, MA, Gettysburg, PA, Harrisburg, PA, and they are headed to Charlottesville, VA. At each of these locations the LFM of various states work hand in hand with local police, sheriffs, state police, national park police, and at times, the FBI and federal marshals. The point here is the Light Foot Militia is doing so at their own expense, at risk to themselves, for the good of the constitutional rights of Americans.
Don’t sit home and decry the violence in our streets. You have been given the voice our founding fathers intended you to have. You have the right to speak about your views of the government. You have the right to speak about how God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit give you life. If you don’t use your God-given rights, you will surely lose them by man’s predisposed actions.
It would be appropriate today to pray for the safety and well being of the NYLFM and their friends as they travel to once again stand in the gap to protect your rights, no matter which side you choose.

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